Will Run For Beer

I did it!  I ran the race last night and had no knee problems!  My coworkers and I met up at Hookslide Kelley’s (a bar in Lowell) for the “Good Times Summer Series”.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this little race but it turned out to be a really fun, organized race.  For $10 you get a great course along the Merrimack River that includes mile markers, water stations,  and a medal at the finish line. 

I went into the race thinking my knee hurts so I’ll take it easy and have a fun run with friends.  Buuuut that changed as soon as I heard the announcer mention a free beer for women who run the race in under 23:30!  I wasn’t even sure if I could run that time considering I haven’t done any speed workouts lately but I was determined to try.  I went out and pushed it, finishing in 23:50.  I was happy with my time but a little upset I missed the goal time by only 20 seconds!?!  Thankfully, my friends pointed out the free beer prize was for next week’s race and I didn’t miss anything.  Phew 🙂

Pre-race fuel.  I ate this protein bar 2 hours before the race so I wouldn’t get cramps while running.  I also loaded up on caffeine with a Starbucks late and a couple FRS energy chews (I was exhausted at work and day dreaming about a nap, and not running a race…. ).  Fortunately, they worked and gave me a little energy burst!

Prepping for the race, aka posing for pictures with Jacki.  I’m a big believer in only stretching after I run and not before.

Jacki and Andrea after their first road race!  Yeahhhh you ladies rock!!! 

And a blurry picture of my awesome coworkers!

We ended up back at bar with the other runners and relaxed some some beers and bar food.  If you’re interested in doing any of the races, they’re every Tuesday this summer at 7pm ( http://www.goodtimesrun.com/). 

Time to sign up for another 5K and work on improving my time.  If I can run a half marathon in under 8 minute miles than why am I running the same pace for a 3 mile race??  I know I can run faster, I just have to add more track workouts to my “training”.  I WILL PR at my next race! 🙂

One thought on “Will Run For Beer

  1. Yayy! This is my big break to become famous! I’ve had a lot to thank you for lately!! If it weren’t for you, I would have never got my booty out there and start running again! YOU rock ;0)

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