Summer Running Streak


Guess what I did yesterday?  I completed the Runner’s World “Summer Running Streak” and ran at least 1 mile every day from Memorial Day until the fourth of July….  wahoo!  OK, so it doesn’t sound too hard to accomplish but there were a couple of days when the last thing I wanted to do was run, again.   But overall, it was great goal and I’m glad I stuck with it.  Here are some highlights of running the past 38 consecutive days:

Watched beautiful sunrises

Witnessed the sun rise around the Palace of Versailles (France)

Explored new cities.  Is this a statue of Louis XIV?? (Versailles, France) 

Explored new trails in new cities (Versailles, France)

Discovered houses in little side streets  (Versailles, France)

Found a trail around this lily pond (Versailles, France)

Back in Southie….  Ran up a lot of stairs.

 Ran/jogged up this crazy, steep street on multiple occasions (have you guys ever run G Street??)

And yesterday, I finished the streak with a short run on the beach. 

If it weren’t for this running streak than I would have never gone for early morning runs around the streets of Paris or Versailles.  I wouldn’t have discovered new gardens, or hidden neighborhoods, or statues in a foreign city.  I know there is no way I would have packed a week’s worth of running gear when I wanted to pack more fun, fashionable clothes for the trip.  I’m so happy I forced my butt out there everyday and was able to really experience France.  I’m also glad I stuck with a goal and didn’t quit. 

Question: I might try another running streak from Labor Day til Columbus Day…   Anyone wanna do it?

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