Let’s start off by saying the Cirque du Soleil “Totem” show in Seaport was amazzzzzinggggg!  The people in the show are so talented and their performance was absolutely incredible.  I highly recommend anyone in the area to go check it out!! 🙂  


I was going to take today off but after eating crap last night at the show, I decided to squeeze in a quick at home workout.  I found this one on Pinterest (from pbfingers.com) and it did the trick.  Even though it’s titled “Burning Legs & Abs Circuit Workout” my arms were burnin’ more than anything.  Push-ups (even the girl kind) are always so challenging but I love doing them.  Gotta tone the arms!  

legs and abs circuit

Early morning workout.  Done and done.

Let’s quickly rewind to yesterday’s lunch, since it’s post worthy for once 🙂

I’ve been craving a burger from “b.good”  all week.  Since going out to lunch is a treat for me, I held off until Friday for the special occasion.  I headed over early to beat the lunch rush and ordered a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, avocados and bacon on a wheat bun with a side of sweet potatoe fries (I also ordered a bajillion other things for my coworkers).  Have you guys ever been to b.good?  I don’t know how many locations they have but if you’re ever near one you should really check it out.  The food is fresh and all-natural from local family farmers in Maine.  It’s pricier than your usual fast food joint but it’s well worth the extra bucks. 

Fresh fruits & veggie’s

I love when you can watch the “cooks” prepare your food out in the open and aren’t hiding in the back kitchen. 

Workin’ hard

I then headed back to the office and chowed down.  This iPhone picture doesn’t do it justice, but the burger was so flavorful and delicious.

Mmmmm juicy burger

The best part is…  I felt great after lunch.  I didn’t have the “Oh my gawddddd, my stomach hates me right now.  Why did I eat soooo much?!?” thoughts going on in my head like I usually do after eating fast food.  It also didn’t leave me in an afternoon coma at work. 🙂

Alright time to get movin’ and pack up for the beach.  Catch ya later!

Question: What’s your favorite healthy fast food restaurant??   

2 thoughts on “b.good

  1. OMG! I heard someone slipped during the show!!! Must have been exciting. 🙂 thanks for the burger! Mine had jalapeños and it was yum delish. Even if it was cold by the time I got to enjoy it. 😦
    Happy beach day.

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