Simple Ways to Burn Calories

Ready for an informative post?  I even did a little research for this one 😀  I bring to you…..

10 Simple Ways to Burn Calories

The calculations below are for a person weighing about 130 lbs.  The more you weigh, the more you burn and vice versa.  So take that into consideration when you’re reading the estimated “calories burned”.

1) Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.   Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you’re going up 4 flights or less than you should always take the stairs.  (I think Dr. Oz taught me that rule)

Calories burned: roughly 60 calories per every 10 minutes

2) Walk instead of emailing coworkers. I know we all get comfy in our cubicles and don’t wanna move but this activity will get your butt in gear and it’ll make your mundane day go by faster.

Calories burned: about 35 calories per every half mile of walking

3) Squat every time you pick something off the floor.  Bend your knees and keep your back straight.

Calories burned: no idea…   but you’re burning calories and toning your butt and legs. 😉

4) Park far away.  Not only will you burn calories but you also avoid The Crazies fighting over the closest parking spots.  Win, win!

Calories burned: about 35 calories per every half  mile of walking

5) Buy fun & active Groupons. Find great deals on adventures in your area, including: kayaking, golfing, paddle boarding, sailing, ice skating, bowling, etc.

Calories burned: a lot

6) Clean, clean, clean.  vacuum, sweep, scrub the floor, wash dishes…  all are great calorie burners!  Do these at a faster pace to burn more calories.

Calories burned: it varies (heavy cleaning for 20 minutes can burn 90 calories and light cleaning for 20 minutes can burn 60 calories)

7) Take a hike. Find nearby trails and take a brisk hike with your friends or dog.  If you know any good trails, let me know please!

Calories burned: 200 calories per every 30 minutes  


8) Play at the beach.  Swim, snorkel, play frisbee, take a walk, chase kids, play volleyball….   you can burn calories while having fun in the sun.

Calories burned: it varies (playing volleyball for 25 minutes burns 200 calories, leisurely swimming for 30 minutes can burn 177 calories)

9) Go shopping. Great reason to hit up the mall!

Calories burned: 2 hours of shopping burns 400 calories

10) Enjoy a bike ride. Take a quick bike ride after dinner or on the weekend with friends.

Calories burned: 200 calories for 30 minutes  

You can also: shoot hoops, play tennis, garden, mow the lawn, take a walk, dance, play Wii fitness, jump rope, walk the dog, re-arrange a room, wash the car, golf, roller blade, drink ice water, go grocery shopping…..    the list is endless!

 Question: What are your favorite ways to burn calories without trying? 😀

One thought on “Simple Ways to Burn Calories

  1. Love these tips! Definitely incorporating some of the ones I did NOT know of into my daily routines….like shopping for 2 hours! ;o)

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