Friday Night Date Night

Today’s workout started with a 20 minute run outside and then some strength training exercises in my living room:

  • 50 squats
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 50 push ups (girl kind)
  • 50 tricep dips
  • 50 second plank (3 sets)

Nothing crazy but it got the job done.  My original plan was to take today off but since I plopped around on Thursday and never made it to the gym, I decided to squeeze in a quick workout this morning. 


Mike and I headed over to  Amrhein’s in Southie to use our groupon before it expired.  While walking there, we stopped at the liquor store “Social Wines”  to see what was being offered at their Friday night wine tasting.  Tonight they offered a tasting of white and red wine sangria.  Not sure how I feel about buying bottled sangria (since it’s more fun to make) but I still checked it out….

And surprisingly it tasted delicious!  I’d probably buy it as a quick & easy gift for a party or if I’m having a last minute get to together.  Otherwise, I prefer to make my own extra stong white wine sangria. 😉

After our sangria tasting, we walked next door to Amrhein’s and sat at their outdoor patio.  I started with a glass of savoign blanc and Mike had an extra dirty martini. 

For my meal, I ordered the raspberry goat cheese salad with salmon on top.  The salad was full of baby greens, raspberries, warm pistachio crusted goat cheese, tomatoes, and candied walnuts.  It was oh so good!  It tasted really fresh, light and perfect!  Everytime I eat salmon I tell myself I need to cook it more often.  It’s so easy to make and comes out tasting amazing.  Actually this whole meal looked simple enough to make on my own.  Something I’ll do in the near future!  Sweeeeeeeet!

Mike ordered the broiled sea scallops with mashed potatoes and spinach on the side. 

And according to Mike, it was fantastic!!  We’ve been to Amrhrein’s a handful of times and they always have the best food. 🙂

Alright, time to pack up for the beach and lunch/drinks with my friends.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!

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