Injured Runner

I don’t have any gorgeous sun rise pictures (I ran without my iPhone/camera) but I do have a picture of the band-aid I got on my run this morning.

Injured finger 😦

Somehow while running to and around Castle Island I injured my finger!?!  And I have no idea how it happened.  After running around Castle Island, I stopped at a water fountain and noticed my finger was bleeding a lot.  I walked over to a guy in a truck (real safe of me, I know) and asked him for a napkin since I still had to run 1.5 miles back to my place.  He was very nice and gave me a couple of napkins, a band-aid, and pointed out that I must have whipped my face numerous times because I had blood streaked all over my face.  (Not only was it on my face but all over my shirt as well.  I probably looked like a real winner on my run: hot, sweaty, and blood on my face.)  I quickly thanked the man, wrapped my finger up, and continued my run home.

Of course, the entire run home I had crazy thoughts running through my head (thanks to my Grand Jury Duty days).  What if there was a needle or blade on the water fountain and that’s how I cut myself?  What if it was contaminated??  What if I get sick from it?  How else would this have happened?!?

Thankfully, I made it home and my finger is OK. 🙂    And I completed day #1 of my half marathon training!

5:11 am start time, boo yah!


Last night’s dinner was much less dramatic than my run this morning.  Mike and I threw together Annie’s Mac & Cheese, frozen veggies, and grilled sausage.  Easy peasy!


Stalker kitty in the background

Simple, tasty meal 😀

I don’t see the bunnies…. do you?

And we enjoyed some wine with dinner

Gotta take off for work now!  Enjoy your Monday!

3 thoughts on “Injured Runner

  1. Whoa, mysterious bloody finger — sounds like the work of a half marathon nemesis who heard about your race/training and is out to sabotage you! Watch out for booby traps

  2. I made that same mac n cheese last night for dinner too! But not as fancy as you…. just the mac n cheese!!

    Funny post today!

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