Changing Negatives Into Positives

Good morning!

My run this morning started off on the wrong foot:  I had zero energy due to having brownies for dinner last night; my Pandora station kept playing slow sappy songs; I was frustrated that I don’t own a white shirt and we’re supposed to wear one for my work BBQ today; and I was still annoyed that I spent the night baking in my hot kitchen and nothing came out with that “wow” factor.  To sum it up, I was having a pretty crappy start to my morning. 

But then in the middle of my lame pity party, I stopped and realized that the flags are at half mast.  And it hit me. 

While I’m complaining about my stupid little problems, the people in Colorado have it so much worse. 

How can I complain at a time like this?!?  I quickly turned my negative thoughts into positive ones.

 And I started to appreciate how good I have it.

Enjoy your day, everyone!

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