Workout Meetups

After a whirlwind of a weekend and a vacation day yesterday, I knew that I had to get back on track with eating healthy and working out.  So this morning I woke up bright & early and jogged 5 minutes to the gym for a cross training workout.  I began with 20 minutes on the elliptical and then moved on to the following arm toning workout (copied from Pinterest):

*Repeat set 2-3 times

I did the set twice and it turned out to be great workout!  I love how it constantly switched up the moves so I never got bored and it was over in no time at all.  I’ll definitely be repeating this workout real soon.

Workout Meetups!

While on the elliptical, I read People Style magazine and this little tid bit of an article caught my attention:

Workout meetups are such a good idea!  It’s so nice being able to catch up with a friend and get a great workout. Plus, it’s wayyyy cheaper than meeting a friend for dinner and drinks. 😀  I haven’t had one in a while but maybe I’ll try bringing them back!  Usually my friends don’t want to run at 5:15 am (I don’t blame them, obviously) and I’m not a fan of running after work when it’s super hot and sunny……   but I do love running in the evening once the weather cools down.  So this Fall I’ll have to plan more workout meetups! 


I usually eat breakfast at work but I was starving after my workout so I quickly prepared 2 frozen waffles and topped them each with banana slices and drizzled honey. 

I had the van’s “power grains – 10g protein” waffles that I recently discovered at the grocery store.  

By the way, I had no clue that van’s even made protein waffles!?  Maybe these waffles are new??  Either way, they were delicious and I’m very excited to have a new favorite frozen waffle. 😀

Question: Do you like workout meetups??  Do you usually run, go to the gym, yoga, or do something else on your meetups?

3 thoughts on “Workout Meetups

  1. I am always trying to get u to run w me at 7pm 🙂 it is the perfect time and we can have a glass of vino at one of r apts after!!

  2. Those waffles look amazing!! I am going to look for that brand at my grocery store!

    Love the blog! Keep up the good work!

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