Cardio Circuit Workout

Good morning!

Heart pounding, sweaty workout?  Done!  I woke up around 7 this morning, had a light breakfast of a banana and peanut butter, then slowly made my way over to the gym. 

 My half marathon training plan had me scheduled to run 6 miles today but that wasn’t happening with hazy, hot, and humid weather.  So I switched up my workout and did 20 minutes of running/walking on the treadmill then moved to a circuit workout.  This workout was awesome and it’s one you can do anywhere. 🙂

Cardio Circuit Workout 

  • Jump rope: 1 minute 
  • High knees: 1 minute
  • Butt kicks: 1 minute
  • Jumping jacks: 1 minute
  • Mountain climbers: 1 minute
  • Push-ups: Do 15 

*Repeat circuit 2 more times

Will someone please do this workout and let me know if it’s hard or not??  I feel like all my workouts lately are leaving me sweaty and pooped so I don’t know if it’s just me or if they’re dificult workouts……..


Mike and I were both beat last night so we ended up getting take-out from the new-ish sushi restaurant in Southie, Moko.  We enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine and a bunch of sushi rolls and just chilled out in front of the TV.   

Still not exactly sure what Mike ordered but it was all so tasty! 😀  I highly recommend this place!

Even the odd-looking roll with noodles on top was delicious.  Spicy but delicious!

Time to have breakfast #2…..   talk to ya later. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cardio Circuit Workout

  1. Wish I could try that workout. I did walk two blocks last night and am twice as fast as I was thursday morning. Can you give me two months to rep
    Port back on that workout?

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