Lovin’ Pinterest Workouts

I was not happy when my alarm went off at 4:52 this morning so I turned it off and tried to sleep in for another hour.  As I laid in bed I kept thinking how I really, really didn’t want to workout after work so I forced myself out of bed and headed to the gym for a cross training workout.  I jumped on the treadmill for 20 minutes of steep incline power walking (does that qualify as cross training?  I wasn’t running so I’m going to say, yes)  and then moved on to a full body workout that I found on Pinterest.  Seriously, I love finding awesome, free workouts on that website.   Plus, whenever I enter the gym with a workout written down, there’s less time to mindlessly wonder from machine to machine.  Here’s what I did:

Pinned Image


While I was obsessing over Pinterest last night, Mike grilled us dinner: corn on the cob, marinated chicken breast and a side of pre-made broccoli salad.  The chicken was marinated in a baja citrus seasoning and refrigerated for a couple of hours before dinner.  It turned out so tender, and oh so good!

The corn was grilled right on the rack.  Once it was cooked and husked, we coated with Smart Balance light butter, fresh lime juice and a little sea salt.

Such a great citrus flavored, summertime meal!! 😀

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