Monday Morning Motivation

Good morning!

50 minute run?  Check!  I was NOT feelin’ the 5:00 am alarm clock today but I also did NOT want to run after work so I got up and just did it.  Another motivating factor to get up and run this morning was this blog!  Yup.  I knew that if I didn’t run then I’d have nothing to blog about. So thank you blog and thank you blog readers!! 😀

Are Monday morning workouts hard for everyone?!  I’m guessing yes since there was no one out there early this morning.  Just me and the sailboats…

And the seagulls.

It was a very calming, peaceful run and gave me a chance to plan my work schedule for today and figure out my week.  I also spent a lot of time planning out my outfit for today.  I actually save this “outfit planning” activity for my runs so I have something to think about.  I tell myself that I can’t finish my run until I have an outfit and a backup outfit planned.  This way I can quickly stretch, shower, and be ready for work in no time at all!  I have such deep spiritual thoughts during my runs, right? 😉


I wasn’t very hungry after my run so I just drank a ton of water and a home-made ice coffee and took off for work.  Breakfast will be a delicious pineapple Chobani yogurt and a banana. 

Question: What do you guys think about while running??

One thought on “Monday Morning Motivation

  1. I think about similar thoughts! Plans for the rest of the week, what I’m going to cook for dinner, etc. My bfast is the same exact thing! Except I have the passionfruit chobani today. Love the new look of the blog too 🙂

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