Greetings from Leipzip

Grüße aus Leipzig!

Hallo- I made it Leipzig, Germany after a long red-eye with zero sleep (I thought drinking a couple of glasses of wine before my 10:20 flight Sunday night would put me right to sleep but I guess not?!)  We flew from Boston to Frankfurt and then took a connecting flight to Leipzig, arriving around 3pm on Monday (european time). 

I quickly showered, unpacked, and then met up with my coworker, Mike.  First stop on our journey: our hotel bar for a strong cappuccino.  Some how I wasn’t too tired after pulling an all nighter but I also wasn’t very awake and knew I could crash at any moment.  But it was such a nice day (sunny and 80’s) that I had to walk around and check out the city.

We walked the nearby streets and stumbled upon the St. Thomas Church which is where Johann Sebastian Bach played back in the 1730’s (I think?)  Not sure, but his statue was right out front of this gorgeous church. 

(These picture’s are from my blackberry and aren’t very clear…  but all upcoming posts will be taken from my camera.)

After waking for a bit, we decided to sit down for dinner at an outdoor cafe.  The lady at our hotel’s front desk told us about a popular street full of restaurants and bars. 

The street was extremely narrow which was great for people watching!!  So far I’ve noticed that people in Leipzig have really bright colorful hair (hot pink, purple, blue) and are a lot more creative with their wardrobes. 

The menu was in German and I was too lazy to “google translate” anything on my blackberry so I just picked an item….  apparently it was a fancy hotdog with fries from the kids menu!?!  Very German, I know….. 😉 

Finding healthy meals in Germany is going to be harder than I thought!

Alright, time to head over to the bus station and head to work.  My goal tonight is to order a better tasting dinner and check out more of the city!

One thought on “Greetings from Leipzip

  1. There you are! I was wondering when we’d hear from you! OMG Germany looks beautiful! Those hot doggies made me laugh…they were cute! Can’t wait for more posts!

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