Wellness Committee?

I started this rainy morning off with a trip to the gym.  I began with 1.5 miles on the treadmill and then moved on to a random circuit workout that I made up as I went along.  I wanted to incorporate cardio into the circuit so I did 1 minute of invisible jump rope followed by a strength training exercise. 

Invisible Jump Rope Circuit Workout

  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 15 standing tricep extensions (3 sets)
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 15 seated bicep curls (3 sets)
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 15 weighted squats (3 sets)
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 15 front shoulder raises (3 sets)
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 15 side shoulder raises (3 sets)
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 60 second plank (3 sets)


Mike and I worked together last night and prepared a delicious, healthy, and fairly easy meal (well my part was easy).  I pan-fried the frozen salmon burgers while Mike made a side of quinoa with chopped tomatoes, onions, corn, jalepenos, black beans, red peppers and cilantro.  So good!!!  You could easily make the quinoa mix with any veggies you have on hand and it’ll come out really tasty. 🙂

Work Wellness Committee

Alright, time to  talk about work!  I’m the leader (by default… ) of the Wellness Committee at my work and we need some idea’s from YOU guys.  As of right now, our lil’ group has the following activities happening:

A Wellness Board: This bulletin board is right outside the cafeteria and we try to update it bi-weekly with articles from health magazines and the internet.  We include healthy recipes for the season, race information, work-outs, etc.

Ohhhh chair exercises…

Walk & Talk Tuesday: Pretty self-explanatory.  We try to meet at noon on Tuesday’s and take a quick 30-45 minute walk together outside.  I admit this usually doesn’t happen since everyone is busy but I’m gonna try to bring it back!!

Online Recipe Swap: There’s an online folder where all employees can post and share their favorite recipes.

PENDING Chair Massages: We’ve been in talks with an outside company that will come to my office on a bi-weekly basis.  Employees can sign up for a time slot (usually 15-20 minutes) and can get a back/shoulder massage while at work.  It’s not free but it’s well worth the $1 per minute rate.

Do you guys have a Wellness Group at work?  If so, what activities do you have?  Or even if you don’t have a group at work, do you have any fun and free idea’s?? 😀

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