Running In The Rain

This morning I ran the Mighty Meehan 5K in W. Dennis.  The race didn’t start til’ 10 but I still woke up at 7 to eat breakfast so I wouldn’t have any stomach issues during the race.  I went with a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter, a multi vitamin, and a lot of water and coffee.

I also went to Dunkin’s to get another coffee to really wake me up! (and I had an energy gu before the race – probably didn’t need it for a 3 miler but I’m addicted)

Pre-race photo shoot with my mom, my iPhone, and her garden!  Am I getting any better at these awkward solo pictures??

The weather for the race was perfect: mild with drizzling rain.  Love, love running in the rain! 😀  I met up with my friends at the starting line and went into the race hoping to finish in under 24 minutes.  I finished with 23:46 (7:39 min. pace).  Not the fastest time but I’ll take it! 

This was also my first race running with my Garmin and I might have spent more time looking at my watch than the actual course.  But I’m pretty sure it was a really flat course that started and ended by the beach….

After the race, we all went to Chapin’s Fish & Chips for the after party!  We hung-out and enjoyed the free food and music and also had a couple of beers. 🙂

Cassie and Erin

Me, Cassie, and Nikki

Crystal, her cousin, and lil’ cutie patootie Tristan

Overall, it was a very organized, fun, local road race that I’ll def do again!  Plus, all the money went directly to a pediatric cancer foundation so it’s all for a great cause.

And now it’s time to plop on the couch for the night….  Have a good night, everyone!

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