Off Day

Hey friends!  Hope you had a good Monday!

This Monday was an off day for me.  Off from working out and running, off from doing errands, off from anything really…    Don’t we all need “off days” every once in a while? 🙂

So this evening, I relaxed with a glass (or 2) of wine….

Read a little (and stalked a squirrel….  do you see the lil’ guy drinking water?)

And forced Rocky to hang-out….


I also had an off day from cooking dinner.  Mike had dinner plans with a coworker so I ate delicious leftovers from last night.   I reheated the pan-seared scallops and quinoa and added fresh, grilled asparagus to the mix.

Asparagus + quinoa + scallops= amazinggggg!!! 

Ahhh so friggen good!  If scallops were just a little bit cheaper, we’d eat them all the time…

Workouts For The Week

Thankfully, after my off days comes very productive days! 

Here’s my workout plan for the week (based partly on my half-marathon training plan):

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Elliptical for 20 minutes plus this Tone It Up workout from Pinterest:

Arms Arms Arms

**Repeat 2-3 times**

Wednesday: Run + speed work for 60 minutes

Thursday: Run + circuit workout (TBD)

Friday: Run 40 minutes

Saturday: Run 11 miles

Sunday: Off or easy, short run

Time to continue my lazy day by watching tv…   Have a good night!! 🙂

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