2 Weeks 2 Push It

Crappy.  Is the perfect word to describe my 8.5 mile run this morning.  It was one of those mornings when I thought I did everything right to prepare for a 10 mile run but just couldn’t do it.  I went to bed early, had a light breakfast 2 hours before my run, had a couple “Shot Bloks”, AND it was raining which is my ideal running weather!

(Post-run: soaking wet with extra messy hair :()

But I still felt like crap.  Maybe it’s because I ran the first 4 miles with Mike and we went too fast?  Or because I had app’s late yesterday afternoon and then only had bread and olive oil for dinner since I wasn’t hungry?  Possibly.

Or that I had a couple of glasses of wine yesterday and was therefore dehydrated? 

It doesn’t matter what the reason was, I still need to snap out of it and complete a couple hard runs and speed workouts before my half marathon.  I have less than 2 weeks to get faster and stronger!! 

And in doing so, here’s my workout plan for this week (based on my training program):

  • Monday: Run 60 minutes
  • Tuesday: Boxing.  I finally gave in (that happens after a couple drinks) and agreed to attend a class w/ my friend.  I hope I like it!
  • Wednesday: Run+speed 50 minutes
  • Thursday: Cross-train (elliptical plus strength training)
  • Friday: Run 40 minutes
  • Saturday: Run race pace for 8 miles
  • Sunday: Off

Yup, I have 6 workouts scheduled which probably won’t happen but a girl can dream! 😀

Time to watch the Pat’s game!!  Enjoy your Sunday!

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