Delicious Kiwi Salsa

Happy Friday!

And Happy Vacation Day for me!  I took today off to catch up on errands and to organize my apartment/storage unit….  how exciting!  Flying to Germany a bunch of times in September has left me feeling out of the loop and full of to-do-lists.  So today I’m gonna tackle that list. 


Before doing so, I’m going to eat a bowl of old-fashioned oats with a scoop of almond butter and lots of strawberries.  And a cup of coffee with almond milk.

Alright, not sure how to transition from my breakfast to salsa…..    but here’s an awesome little recipe I prepared last night for Girl’s Night.  The kiwi salsa was super easy to make (5 minutes) and it was full of fantastic fresh flavors!  I  always mindlessly snack when out with friends and the foods I snack on aren’t the healthiest (ranch dip, cheese and crackers, nachos, etc.) so it was nice being able to provide a healthy option as an appetizer last night. 😀

Kiwi Salsa

Directions: Chop up a couple of bell peppers, kiwi’s, cilantro (not pictured; I forgot to add it), and lime juice.  You can also add chopped onions, jalapeno’s, and/or pineapple to the mix.  Stir and enjoy the salsa with pita chips or whole wheat tortilla chips.

Initially, I thought this was more a summer dish because of the kiwi but we eat salsa year round so why not eat a healthier salsa? 😀