Road Races Rock!

This morning I ran the Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure in South Boston.  It was a really fun & festive event with around 7,000 runners/walkers.  I ran on my friend’s team “Tutu’s For Tata’s” and was able to get all dolled up in a lovely pink tutu and accesories.

Wearing the tutu actually helped me out and gave runners/spectators a reason to cheer me on!  Sweeeeeet!  The excitement put a little spunk in my step and motivated me to pick up my speed.  I felt great while running and thought I might PR but I finished in 23:18 and TIED my PR!?  I’m a little upset I didn’t run faster than a 7:31 pace but I guess it just means I need to incorporate more speed workouts before my next race.

After the race, a couple of us walked to my place and enjoyed fresh fruit salad, fruit dip, bagels, and some cocktails. 😀

We brought the food and drinks up to the roof deck and soaked in the awesome Fall weather… 😀

Since my next race isn’t until Thanksgiving, I’m thinking of finding 1 more race for this fall.  Maybe the Devil’s Chase 6.66 Miler in Salem next weekend?  Or maybe the Doggy 5K around Castle Island?  Races down the street are always appealing, especially when the money goes towards animal rescue leagues!

Have you guys run either of these races?  Do you have a favorite race coming up? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Road Races Rock!

  1. Though we all know I’ve never run the Devil’s Chase, I did used to Tailgate & enjoy it! 😉 If its fun you’re looking for like the Tutus run, this would be it.

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