Then Vs. Now

It wasn’t too long ago (or maybe it was…   college was really 8 years ago!?) that when a big snow storm was in the forecast, we would run out and stock up on important supplies, including: 30 packs of cheap beer (Busch light), boxed wine, and a couple of snacks (Easy Mac, Doritos, Ramen Noodles, etc).

We’d spend our time partying and were oblivious to the snow storm around us.

But oh, how times have changed…… 

Due to Hurricane Sandy soon approaching, my work was closed today.  So instead I woke up early and prepared a Green Monstah Smoothie, did an intense cardio workout from OnDemand, and caught up on work and emails.

I also enjoyed a glass or 2 of wine tonight but wine in moderation is good for you. 😀

Times have changed and it’s for the better!  I’d much rather eat healthy foods and be productive all day than eat crappy, fatty foods while trying to get rid of a horrible hangover.

What’d you do today?  Are you healthier than a couple years ago? 🙂

One thought on “Then Vs. Now

  1. Ha! I found my college running journal a couple months ago, and I had written down what I ate too. I was so shocked. There were days where I literally only consumed candy bars, pizza, junk food and beer. I can’t even imagine doing that now -what were we thinking? So glad you are on such a great health kick. And you helped motivate me — I’ve run 8 out of the last 12 days, the first time in a decade! Now I’m enjoying a glass of wine, like you….

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