The Hills

While lying in bed this morning, I started thinking about my upcoming race on Thanksgiving and how I’d like to run faster than my previous 3 years.  I believe that my best time for this race was last year with 32:05 (8:02 pace) for the 4 miler.  But in order to run faster I should be training with speed workouts and not just wishful thinking.  It’s probably too late to start training for a race in only a week but in general I’d like to start incorporating 1 day a week for speed work.  Wednesday will be that day….  Workout Wednesday!  So with that in mind, I jogged down the street to the beast of a hill called “G Street” to complete a hill workout.  Hill Repeats = Faster Runner. 

I ran up the long, steady hill at a decent pace, slowly jogged my way back down and rested for a minute or two in between each set. 


Each of my following attempts up the street become a little bit harder and a little bit slower….

Not only was I huffin’ & puffin’ to get up the hill but I was also running into the wind which made it 500x harder.  I tried concentrating on my breathing and moving my arms (the faster the arms, the faster the legs) and paid less attention to my painfully tired legs.  I also repeated the following mantra to keep me going:

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t CHANGE you!!!”

I eventually completed 6 repeats on G Street and then ran a couple of streets over to do more repeats on a shorter, baby-like hill.  Today’s workout left me breathless but wanting more.  I wanted to give up but also couldn’t stop.  It was a love/hate relationship with the hills.  I’m glad I pushed it and didn’t give up.  Maybe next time I’ll try to complete more than 6 repeats on G Street.  Anyone wanna do it with me? 😀

Btw, I found this awesome article on speed work from Runner’s World.  The article has “39 sessions to help boost your speed” for all different running levels.  There’s also some great advice on pacing yourself and descriptions of each workout.  I think I’ll print it out and maybe try a different workout every week!  High hopes here for Workout Wednesday!

Do you run hill repeats?  Or do you prefer speed workouts on the track? 

Do you have a favorite mantra for your hard workouts?

Are you looking to become a faster runner?  Want to start doing Workout Wednesday’s?  We can be virtual workout buddies!

4 thoughts on “The Hills

  1. I Neeeeeed to start doing hill workouts and becoming faster! My favorite mantra when i’m out there running is STILL “No Regrets”! from the day you told me this whenever i;m running and feel like cutting it short I always think to myself “will you regreat not going the extra miles when you get home” The answer is always YES! NO REGRETS does the trick every time!

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