Field Trip To The Running Store!

Have you ever been to a running store?  If not, I highly recommend you go.  Today my friend Jacki and I headed over to the Greater Boston Running Company in Lexington, MA.  I went to this store last Spring and loved how the employee watched my running stride and let me try on multiple sneakers yet he didn’t pressure me to buy anything (which of course I bought sneakers anyways).  Since Jacki is really getting into running (yay!), I convinced her to come along and find out what sneakers she should be wearing. 

As soon as I walked in the door, I instantly felt at ease.  The man working there was really friendly (in a good way…. ) and was eager to share his knowledge with us.  He started off by explaining why cotton socks are a bad option for runners and why we should be wearing dri-fit socks instead.  Good to know.  I ended up buying 1 pair since they were a whopping $10.  These will be my special socks. 😀

He then had us each take turns running on the treadmill and analyzed our stride on the monitor.  Surprisingly, he said I had a great stride!  Whaaaat?!  Me with knee and hip issues has good form?? 

We each tried on 4-5 different brands and styles (Nike, Asics, Saucony, and Brooks) and both knew right away which pair was best.  The Saucony felt good but I went with my beloved Brooks Ghost 5 and Jacki bought the Asics Gel-Kayano 19.

I reaaalllly wanted to buy everything in the store but after spending over $100 on running sneakers I decided to stick with dri-fit socks, white ear warmers (so I’m a little brighter while running at night) and some energy gu’s (since I’m addicted to them). 

Have you ever run on a treadmill at a running store?  Did they accurately assess you?  

Who’s your favorite brand for running sneakers? 

3 thoughts on “Field Trip To The Running Store!

  1. I go ever year and get assessed and have insoles made to fit for my feet. Makes a HUGE difference in my running and eliminates all pain I have. I can tell a big difference when I run on the insoles and when I do not.

    • Oh really? That’s good to know! I used to run in insoles since I have “flat feet” but I haven’t bought new ones in years. Maybe I’ll make another trip to the running store. 🙂

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