Best store for workout clothes?

Guess who finally made it out past 10pm?  Yup, I did.

Last night was full of insanely delicious strawberry, basil mojito’s (I’m def going to make these soon) and hanging-out with my friends at the bar Lolita’s in Back Bay.

Not sure why I’m holding my drink with my jacket?

Since I’m old (aka lame) and usually go to bed at 9:30, I was exhausted today.  I spent the morning lounging around my apartment, reading the newspaper, and spending way too much time on the computer.  I wonder how much I’d get accomplished if I wasn’t addicted to blogs and Pinterest?  At least I’ve cut back on Facebook stalking so that’s a plus.

 Chillin’ with my bff.


I did however take a break from doing nothing and headed to the gym for an hour of power-walking on the treadmill.  I brought along my US Weekly and grabbed a Life & Style from the magazine rack and spent the hour catching up on my celebrity news.  For some random reason, I started getting my favorite magazine US Weekly delivered to my apartment so instead of reading it on the couch, I save it for a treadmill workout.  I get so bored/antsy on the treadmill so the more reading material the better.

I want to point out that my entire outfit (sports bra, capri’s, socks, and tank top) are all from Target.  I think Target and GAP have the best affordable workout clothes.  What do you think?  Some day when I have a ton of money I’d like to check out the clothes at Lululemon but until then I’ll stick with good ol’ Target.

You like my photography skills? 😉

Where do you buy your workout clothes?

What’d you do today? 

One thought on “Best store for workout clothes?

  1. I ❤ Target workout clothes too! You should check out Kohls sometimes, I go there and TjMaxx/marshalls also. Maybe santa will bring us workout gear from LuLu!!

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