Gobble x3 Recap

Thanksgiving started like usual yesterday.  Mike and I woke up early and slowly got ready for the Gobble Gobble Gobble 4 Miler. 

Tough decision: which shirt to wear? Hmmmm.

Around  8am, we headed to Davis Square in Somerville.  It was chilly, in the upper 30’s so we hung-out in the car until 8:45 and then jogged over to the start line.

I decided to run the race with my snazzy fanny pack.  It was actually my first time running with the fuel belt and I loved it.  I was able to pack my iPhone, ID, car key, and chapstick and not have to worry about grabbing everything after the race.  Plus, it didn’t move at all while running which I was worried about.

We started at the front of the pack to avoid the congestion and were able to weave our way around people without too much trouble.  During the first mile, I felt great physically but I noticed I was running a 7:20ish pace and wanted to slow it down and save my energy (I went into the race thinking I should run a couple 7:50 miles and then run hard for the last 2 miles.)  So I let Mike take off and I slowed it down so I wouldn’t crash later.  At mile 2, I picked up my pace and pushed it to the end!

As soon as we crossed the finish line, we headed into “The Burren” with all the other runners and enjoyed some early morning cocktails.  Nothing beats free beer at 9:35am, right?

Annnnnnd I know you’re all just dyinggggg to know about our time’s, right?  Well, we both PR’d!!!  Mike ran a speedy race and finished in 29 something (I know he had a 7:25 pace so you can do the math; I can’t… ).  I finished right behind him in 30:39.47 and beat my old personal best time of 32:02. 😀


Did you run a turkey trot yesterday?  How was it?

Are you running any more races this year? 

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