Cure for feelin’ sluggish/sick?

How’s your holiday weekend so far?  Fun?  Busy?  I feel like I haven’t stopped moving since I got out of work on Wednesday.  The last couple of days were spent at my mom’s house on the Cape and were full of family, friends, running, brunch, bowling, drinking, eating, etc.

I’ve also been feeling kinda sluggish/sick the last couple days so I figured the best cure was a good, long run.  So this morning I plopped around in bed while reading running blogs for motivation and then around 10 I hit the streets towards the Charles River.

I ran through the Boston Commons and the streets of Beacon Hill until I reached the extremely windy river.

It wasn’t bad running in the chilly weather but the crazy gusty wind by the water was too much for me.  So as soon as I reached the water, I quickly left and headed towards Faneuil Hall.

At around mile 4 I stopped at my new favorite water stop, Starbuck’s.  Since all the outdoor water fountains are turned off for the winter, I plan on stopping at Starbuck’s instead of carrying a water bottle.  I figure they owe me for all the money I spent there when I had an addiction to iced grande, non-fat, mocha latte’s.  1-2 coffee drinks a day at $3.68 each = free water for life for me, right? 🙂

OK, back to my run…..  I jogged along the streets of downtown Boston, through Seaport Distract, and back to Southie to complete a great 8 mile run.

The only downfall from my run was the major chaffing under my arm from my sports bra!  Does this happen to anyone else?!  How do I stop this from happening?  It only happens under my left arm and it’s such a pain…..   It started to hurt around mile 3 and just kept getting worse.  But besides this pain, my body felt awesome.


Was a delicious egg, cheese sandwich with a ton of water and coffee on the side.  Do you see the egg yolk in that picture?  Perfect-o!  Mike might be the better cook in this house (apartment) but I’m def the best at making sandwiches. Hellz yeah!  😀

Enjoy your Saturday!

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