5 random things that made me happy today….

1) Let’s just start this off with a BANG and list the TOP thing that made me happy today: Rocky is feeling better!  Ever since he received his yearly shots on Sunday morning he’s been in a weird funk and hiding under the bed.  But this morning when I woke up he was about 80% back to being a fun, lovable lil’ kitty.♥

2) Wearing my favorite sweatshirt!  Something that doesn’t make me happy?  My super hot gym.  Not sure if you can see in this wonderful iPhone picture but I’m already sweating and I just walked in the door!?

Anywho, this super comfy, grey sweatshirt = happy Julie

3) It’s the holiday season which means it’s time for baking my hands down favorite holiday treat, chocolate mint browniesEvery December I bake these brownies for Mike’s coworkers (they’d seriously kill me if I didn’t…)  so I made a batch late last night.  I kept a couple for myself and enjoyed them after lunch this afternoon and they were ohh soooooo gooooooooood!

4) Can we talk about how I want every thing from the J Crew catalog?  The accessories and purses really, truly make me happy.   A couple top choices include the tan purse and jewelry in this picture:

And this beautiful bag:

If anyone wants to get me a 1 present for my Birthday and Christmas instead of 2 gifts you can always get me either of the purses.  And they’re not that pricey – roughly $300 each. 😉

5) Christmas lights!  We don’t have the luxury of having a tree with lights (cuz’ Rocky is a freak and will attack it) but we do have little lights in the windows.  I love having them up since they’re so pretty but also because they remind me of my mom’s house and how she always got so into decorating for the holiday’s.  My place isn’t quite as good as her’s but it’s a start. 😀   

I’m thinking of keeping these up all year.  Do you think Mike will notice/care?

– – – – – – – – – –

What made you happy today?

What’s your favorite holiday treat? 

Do you have Christmas lights on at your place?  Inside?  Outside?


2 thoughts on “5 random things that made me happy today….

  1. Happy today = drinking cabernet and eating a chocolate cookie while reading your 5 happy things on your blog; a beautiful sunny day today when I walked around Christmas shopping at an outdoor mall with Jeff; my chunky baby who, like Rocky, is a little sick from getting his shots yesterday but that just makes him 100% cuddly; listening to Evan’s ideas for inventions they’ll have in the future; watching Jeff try to beat my top score at Fruit Ninja on my iphone and FAIL.

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