The $5 Savings Plan!

Mike’s alarm clock went off at 4:45 this morning.  So while he got up and slowly headed off to the gym, I stayed in bed and tried to sleep in.  Welp, that didn’t happen so I did the next best thing…..   I grabbed my laptop, headed back to bed and went on Pinterest for a while.

While searching the site, I came across the “$5 Savings Plan” and thought it sounded interesting.  Have you heard of it?  It’s pretty simple: whenever you have a $5 bill, you add it to the jar.  I usually don’t carry too much cash but I’ve heard reports say you spend less money when you pay with cash than when you pay with a debit/credit card.  So maybe this project will inspire me to pay with cash more often.  I’m hoping Mike and I can save up a good chunk of money towards our future house.  Or towards a nice, new appliance for the house. 😀  One lady who tried this project ended up saving $350 in her jar!  Sweet!

So like the crazy, impulsive person that I am, I got up around 6:30 and got to work on making my own saving plan jar.  I grabbed a mason jar from the cabinet and glued a piece of construction paper to it with “future house money” written in gold marker (see Mike… I told you I’m trying to save for our future! :D)  I then checked my wallet for a $5 bill and surprise, surprise I had zero dollars in my wallet.

So I headed to the ATM and deducted money (something I had to do anyways), then stopped next door at PS Coffee (since that’s what you do when you have cash), and came back home to add (2) $5 bills to my savings plan jar (the other $5 went to a scratch ticket – my other future savings plan).  Wow, that was a really long sentence but it works, right?

All of this was accomplished by 7:45am!  Yeah too bad I don’t have this much energy during the rest of the day and usually want to be in bed by 6pm….     I’m such a morning person.

– – – – – – – – –

Have you tried the “$5 Savings Plan”? 

Would you rather make the jar for $1 or $5 bills?


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