Work, Work, Weekend

I was going to “sleep in” til 5:50 this morning since I work my part-time job tonight and it’s gonna be a really long day.  Then I remembered that I usually have more energy when I start my day with an intense cardio session.  So I woke up super early (4:45am!), quickly changed and jogged over to the gym. (I knew you wanted to know my exact brain conversation from this morning.)

I ended up doing 20 minutes of intervals on the stairmaster (that things kills me) and 20 minutes of power-walking with hand weights on the treadmill.  Thankfully the treadmill has a tv so I was able to zone out to the morning news for a bit. 😀

Last night

Can you guess what I did last night?

I worked my part-time job!  The last couple of years I’ve worked as a track official and also worked the computers at winter track meets.  Last night was the start of the season!  I end up working way too many track meets each year but it’s such easy money that I can’t say no?  I literally sit there, plug numbers into the computer, and watch the track meet.   Easy, right?

So this winter you’ll find me sitting here in front of this wonderful screen:

While eating this delicious, extremely greasy pizza (I took this picture after blotting off 90% of the grease with 35 napkins).

Actually, sadly my stomach can’t handle this yummy pizza…..   so I’m planning on bringing healthy snacks to every track meet like I’ve done the last couple of years.  I just wasn’t prepared last night and ended up at the concession stand going with the fattiest option possible…  😦

Speaking of tracks and running, I found this awesome lil’ chart and wanted to share it with you guys.  I had no idea how to determine my easy pace compared to a long distance pace, let alone figure out a tempo run pace.  But now thanks to Runners World I have a chart that can guide me through this.

Screen Shot 2012 04 17 at 8 38 48 AM

Alright, time for work and then more work and then it’s the weekend!!!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Did you workout today?  What’d you do?

Any exciting plans for your weekend??

-I’m finally seeing Dave Mathews on Sunday night!!  Ahhhh I can’t waittttt!!!!! 


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