Sleep vs. Exercise?

Yeah yesterday was sloooooow going but I eventually made it to the gym and felt a million times better after workin’ up a sweat! 

Don’t you love it when you have the entire room to yourself? 


I don’t crave salads often but after eating crap before and during the Dave Matthews concert Sunday night I decided I’d make an effort to eat healthier.  So I hit up S&S and stocked up on ingredients to make salads for the week.  In the mix: mixed greens, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, canned corn (looooove), broccoli, rotisserie chicken, crumbled feta cheese and ranch yogurt dressing.

I even splurged and bought the prepared chicken and it was so worth it! 😀   $7.99 for a chicken that can be added to 4-5 salads isn’t that bad, right? 

And in case you’re looking for a new dressing this ranch yogurt one was delicious!

Later in the afternoon, I picked up a couple iced coffee’s (and really good chocolate chunk cookies – it’s a good thing Mike doesn’t read my blog since I ate his cookie), met up with Mike and headed downtown to watch the movie, Lincoln.

For some reason I thought I could handle a movie @ 4:30 but as soon as we sat down my eyes got heavy and I slowly nodded off.  And after 20 minutes of power napping, I was back at and stayed awake for the rest of the show.  I’m sure it was a great movie – I was just too tired to focus……   Does anyone else fall asleep during movies?  Like every time? 

But it’s all good because at least I had a second wind and was able to stay up for the PATRIOTS game!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Btw, I found this article that discusses a dilemma I face on a weekly basis:  

Sleep vs. Exercise?? 

The dilemma: If one more person reminds us of the connection between inadequate sleep and weight gain, we’re going to slug them with a pillow. Equally frustrating is the fact that fitness pros, including Bob Greene, advise getting our recommended 30 minutes of exercise out of the way first thing in the morning, at the same time that we think we should be making up for our sleep deficits. So if we have only one free hour in our day, where should we spend it — in bed, or in spin class?
The advice: Sam Sugar, MD, says this comes up all the time at the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa, where he’s the director of sleep services, and where twice-daily exercise is part of the program. Sugar points out that the scientific literature is extremely clear about the dangers of sleep loss. “Even one night of short-changed sleep can be bad for your health,” he says, and excessive sleeplessness can result in increases in blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar — as well as weight gain. Missing one or even two workouts doesn’t have the same magnitude of negative effects. At the minimum, Sugar recommends getting six and a half to eight hours of sleep every night, while squeezing in exercise at least three times a week.

Do you opt for more sleep?

Or do you get up to exercise no matter what?

-It depends for me – I usually have a hard time sleeping in and I always have more energy after a good workout so I might prefer exercise over sleep….  but if I’m exhausted then I’ll stay in bed and just push it harder during my next workout.

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

**And for your entertainment, you should check out this cute video on YouTube (with the volume up a bit)! 😀 


One thought on “Sleep vs. Exercise?

  1. That salad loooks bomb diggity! (yes I just really wrote bomb diggity…) and also you are convincing me that I should skip my workout and sleep??ha!!

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