Boxing? ME?!

Wow.  The last couple of days have been crazy busy but aren’t we all super busy around this time of the year? 

This morning started bright and early with a 5:30 am boxing class at Peter Welch’s Gym. 

Yup, I finally took a boxing class…..   and I loved it!!!

My friend has been raving about this gym for the past year and I finally agreed to take a class (plus it was free so why not?).  I always imagined it would be a hot, smelly gym full of intimidating muscular guys.  I also thought the class would consist of all boxing, all the time

Boy was I wrong.  There were people of all ages and athletic abilities and it was a really friendly environment.  I guess the class I attended is the busiest of the day but it was also nice having so many people working out (with so much energy) at such an early hour. 

The class was similar to boot camp…..    We quickly moved from one drill to the next and worked every muscle possible.  I did burpees, starfish jumps, moving planks, lunges, jumping squats, sprints, boxing with a bag, boxing with a partner, and a ton of different moves while holding a weighted medicine ball.   I could feel muscles being worked that I’ve never worked before.  By the end of the 50 minute class I was exhausted, sweaty, out of breath and sore.  But I was also really excited and trying to figuring out a way to take these classes on a regular basis. 🙂


When I got home from work I decided to whip up a little Christmas-y treat.  I bought these candy cane melts the other day at Jo-Anne Fabric’s and added them on top of pretzel crisps and baked them @ 350 for 4 minutes.  So simple yet so delicious! 

The rest of my night will be spent plopped on the couch, watching tv, and relaxingggg (and yes, those are store bought Christmas cards on the coffee table….   I failed at making cards for everyone this year.  Maybe next year?) 

OK time to log off.  Have a good night, eveyone!!! 😀

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Have you tried a boxing class?  Did you like it?

What’s your favorite group exercise?   Yoga, pilates, body pump, boxing, spinning, etc?

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