Two things. Okay, maybe three….

1) I know I was all “Yeahhhh!  It’s Monday, let’s workout woohoo…..  ” this morning but that workout never happened.  And after doing nothing all yesterday (seriously I stayed in my pj’s all day) I was really looking forward to a hard, sweaty workout today.  But by the time I got out of work I just wanted to go grocery shopping and bake Christmas goodies for work tomorrow.  Excuses, excuses……  

2) Good thing I made plans with my friend to take a boxing class at 5:30 tomorrow morning!!  And I just prepared a green monstah smoothie for my post-workout breakfast.  So at least tomorrow will start off on the right foot. 

3) I had my 30th birthday party Saturday night!  (This is the reason I did nothing yesterday…   I’m not used to staying up past 10pm)  The party was AWESOME and I’m so glad I spent it with so many friends and family!   

Oh, hello 30’s!

With the other birthday gal, Cassie 😀

And our moms! 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Tell me something two (or three) things about your day, last weekend or tomorrow! 


2 thoughts on “Two things. Okay, maybe three….

  1. 1. I love my Caudalie face lotion
    2. I’m so sorry I missed the party of the year. 😦
    3. Vacation starts in about 18 hours!!! Woot!

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