Revvvv Up Your Metabolism!

Did you guys see my new header? 😀  I randomly found this great website ( and for only $11 they helped create the wonderful header for me.  If you’re in need for a new header, def check ’em out.

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Also, I was catching up on and found this article that caught my attention.  I’m always looking for new ways to rev up my metabolism, especially during this time of the year.  Isn’t it so hard eating healthy with all the holiday parties and so many tempting treats at work?  Here’s some of my favorite key points from the article (with some of my own comments):

Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

1) Power Up With Proteins: Since protein has a high thermic effect, your body will burn more calories to digest it.  I made sure to include protein at every meal and snack.  Some good sources of protein include: chicken, shrimp, fish, beans, greek yogurt, nut butter, eggs, and protein powder and bars.


2) Drink Green Tea: Drinking brewed green tea is an effective way to get EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), an ingredient known to speed up metabolism.

3) Don’t Be Intimidated By Gym Machines: They’re good for building lean muscles and will help you to ramp up your metabolism.  Not a fan of the machines?  Lift free weights instead!

4) Stock Up On Salmon: Salmon is great for burning fat but it’s also loaded with Omega-3 which helps make your metabolism more efficient.  It’s a good thing I love salmon 😀

5) Use Olive Oil: Olive oil is a healthy fat which “turns on” your metabolism and helps burn more body fat.

Olive Oil

6) Drink, Drink, and Drink Some More: Water really does a body good, as will other healthy drinks.  A dehydrated body will slow its metabolism and increase hunger and sluggishness.

7) Drink Water With Lemon:

“Cheryl Wheeler Duncan, a detoxification expert, certified nutritionist, and Hollywood stuntwoman, recommends you drink a tall glass of lukewarm water with a half or whole lemon squeezed in it and fiber. She does so every morning.

“The digestive enzymes in the lemon, plus the fiber, will get your metabolism and digestive system moving so you are easily digesting anything you eat later that day,” she adds.”

8) Eat Smaller Meals More Frequently: Eating smaller meals throughout the day, can help fire up your fat burning furnace.  Do it! 

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Lastly, on a side note….. 

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy has signed a proclamation declaring Friday, December 21, 2012 a “Day of Mourning” in the State of Connecticut.  He’s requesting a Moment of Silence at 9:30 am EST to remember the victims of Newtown.  I will be partaking in this moment of silence to honor those victims and I hope you all will join me as well.

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