2 Birthdays 2 Celebrate

Welp, it’s official.  I’m 30 years old today.  Yeah, not sure how I feel about this…  but on a positive note, at least I was able to start my 30’s off with a yummy breakfast.  While my mom and I relaxed/recovered on the couch, Mike prepared a big batch of blueberry pancakes and bacon.

 And I enjoyed Dunkins’ coffee with almond milk on the side. 😀

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Let’s quickly talk about the comedy show I saw last night…

I went out with my mom, aunt, and cousins to celebrate my aunt’s big Birthday.  The festivities started around 4 with cocktails and app’s at my cousin’s place in Southie and then continued downtown with the 6pm showing of Shear Madness.

This is probably my last pumpkin beer for the year.  Time to move on to my winter/spring/summer beer: corona light 😀 

Have you guys heard of Shear Madness?  It’s such a fun comedy with really talented actors.  It’s the type of show that has the audience involved in trying to figure out the murder mystery.   It’s also in an old, intimate theater so every seat is close to the stage (perfect for people like me who don’t wear glasses but probably should).  I tried to take pictures of the inside of the theater but was immediately scolded for doing so…  but trust me it’s a great set-up.  For more info about the show, just click here.

I did get a couple of quality iPhone pictures in the bar upstairs:

The rest of the night was spent having dinner at PF Changs (so good!) and ended with drinks at the Junction. 😀

Alright, time to watch the Pat’s game and then enjoy some birthday celebrations downtown with Mike.  Have a great Sunday!!

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Have you seen Shear Madness? 

What’s YOUR plan for today?

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