Best medicine for a cold/sore throat?

A run in the freezing rain, of course.  Seriously, it made me feel a million times better.  After spending the day working a high school track meet, I hit the road for my mom’s house on the Cape.

I arrived at her house around 4 and knew I had a very small window of time to figure out if I wanted to nap in order to feel better or take off for a run before it got dark out.  A run always makes me energized so I changed into my new running gear, threw on my mom’s old rain jacket (she made me wear the brightest thing she owned so ALL the cars could see me…..  ) and headed out in the rain.

I ended up running 5 miles in 39:30 minutes without even stopping once.  It was my BEST run I’ve had in weeks!  Running in the rain is always for fun for me but it also motivates me to hurry my butt up and finish the run so I can take a hot shower. 😀

I also ran in my new Nike Dri Fit spandex and they felt amazzzzzing!

My other spandex slowly fall while I’m running which leaves me adjusting them every couple of minutes but this pair stayed in place the entire run.  Plus, they have a handy zippered pocket in the back for my keys/debit card.  They were a little pricey (for me) and cost $55 but I figure if I wear them once a week for the next 3 months and again next winter then they average out to nothing!


Dinner was a delicious bowl of home-made Tuscan soup with rolls and dipping oil on the side.  As my mom just quoted “I can’t believe how bad store-bought soup is compared to home-made.”  Oh, so true!

The rest of my evening will be spent drinking wine at home and then heading out for a couple of drinks with my friend. 😀

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Do you like running in the rain/ wintery mix?

What’s your favorite brand for running clothes?

I’d say Nike as #1 with GAP and Target tied for second place

2 thoughts on “Best medicine for a cold/sore throat?

  1. That soup looks amazing!! I wish you posted the recipe cause I was about ready to get up and turn the crock pot on and let it simmer all dayy…bummmerr! I enjoy running in the rain in the summer bc its warm rain and it feels phenomenial…I need to invest in a pair of those spandex so I can run in the cold run too….I probably won’t enjoy it as much but i’m sure it would make me go quicker too! =)

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