Do you know what I love more than anything?

It’s crawling out of my warm, amazingly comfortable bed at 4:45am and heading over to the gym in the dark, 8 degree weather (-6 with the wind chill)!   Yup, I just loooooove doing that. 😉  But I did it and I survived.  Today is a cross training day, so I hopped on the **new** elliptical at my gym for 25 minutes of “random intervals” at a level of 8.  Then I moved onto this great 15 minute interval workout that I found last night on the fitness blog Sarah Fit (another awesome Boston blogger).  If you’re looking for new workout idea’s you should def. check out her blog….  it’s loaded with her own YouTube exercise video’s!

Btw, I believe my gym was the first gym built in Boston around the early 1700’s and it still has the same equipment and cardio machines as the day it opened.  Cool, huh? 😉  On a good note, they ordered new stairmasters and ellipticals so I was able to use a new elliptical today.

And I love it (well as much as you can love an elliptical…   I’m a treadmill/stair-master gal).


Around 7:30, I was starving so I warmed up 2 apple cinnamon oat muffins in the microwave, topped them with almond butter (no pictures; I ate them too fast) and a bowl of fresh strawberries.

I also had a couple of cups of home-made Dunkin’s hazelnut coffee with almond milk.  Mike offered to treat me to a real coffee at Dunkin Donuts this morning but I actually prefer our home-made stuff! (Mom: I know you don’t believe that statement but it’s true!)  Maybe it’s the almond milk that makes our home-made version so tasty?

OK, time to head to my friends for a “re-decorate my apartment/wine/dinner” party.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

How is the equipment at your gym?  Old? New?

Do you watch exercise video’s on YouTube?   


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