Wake Up and Work Out!

Now that I’m working a part-time job on top of my full-time job, I have to make it to the gym before I start my work day.  Thankfully, I only have to do this a couple of times a week – such as tomorrow.  I’ll admit it can be really hard to motivate myself and head to the gym at 5am when it’s still dark and freezing out but then again I know how much better my day will be if I break a sweat in the morning.  And I know I’m a morning person so it’s a tiny bit easier for me but even if you’re not an early bird, you can still learn to rise and shine!

Here’s how I make it out the door for a morning workout:

  • Go to bed early at night – usually by 9:30ish
  • Set my alarm (and ban the snooze button)
  • Don’t leave time to dilly dally.  I give myself 10-15 minutes to get up and out the door (I also don’t eat before an early workout, or care what I look like so it’s pretty easy getting ready)
  • Lay out my clothes, ipod, headband, etc. the night before
  • Find a workout friend!  It’s harder to bail on a workout when you have someone waiting on you.  I only have 1 friend that works-out in the morning but it’s better no one (Yeahhh gooo Kristen!! :D)
  • Eat a couple energy chews as soon as I wake up, such as FRS chews or sport beans (this actually gets me really excited – I love energy chews!)

If I still don’t want to get up, I think about the benefits of working-out in the A.M.:

  • It “jump starts” your metabolism for the rest of the day
  • There’s waaaay fewer people at the gym in the morning
  • Energizes you throughout the day
  • Less likely to skip the workout due to unanticipated events, happy hours and/or laziness
  • More productive at work
  • Make smarter food choices when you start the day off right

Most of the time these tricks work for me but some days when I really can’t get out of bed, I either workout during my lunch break or just take the day off!

Question of the day:

What’s your TIP for working out in the AM??

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