Monday’s Motivation

Good morning!

It’s another week to get our butts in gear.  Even though I was a blob all weekend and wasn’t able to do my long run, it doesn’t mean I should slack off this week as well!  Hopefully these quotes will motivate US to stay away from the couch and get our sweat on! 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

My workout schedule this week:

Monday: Rest (I know, I know…  I rested all wknd and I just gave a hoo-rah pep talk but we’re seeing a financial advisor right after work and I was too lazy to workout at 5am so it’s a rest day.)

Tuesday: Speed workout on the ‘mill (800 sprint, 400 meter jog, repeat)

Wednesday: 1 hour of running outside (if the snow has melted, fingers crossed!)

Thursday: 1 hour boxing class

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 30-45 minute run

Sunday: Long run = 12 miles

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What’s your workout schedule this week? 

What workout do you look forward to? 🙂

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