You Know You’re a Runner When…..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the website!  I just read this cute article on their website titled “How You Know You’re a Runner….   “.  Out of the 25 reasons they included on their list, here’s the one’s I can relate the most to:

You Know You’re a Runner When…….

#3 you can, and have, relieved yourself in unconventional places

#4 you plan a vacation around a race

#5 your running clothes and shoes take up half of your suitcase on trips

#6 you complete workouts with funny names like fartlek, threshold, tempo

#7 you’re always hungry

#11 your running watch/GPS/heart-rate monitor is more expensive than your everyday watch

#13 you’d rather run an extra mile or two than spend that time sprucing yourself up in the morning

#15 your running clothes outnumber the work and casual clothes in your laundry hamper

#19 you know the location of every public drinking fountain in town

#20 you don’t bat an eye when you have to convert kilometers to miles (or vice versa)

#22 you don’t stretch. But you know you should

#23 halfway through a long run, you’re actually looking forward to the taste of your energy gel

#25 you’re just not yourself when you can’t run

**And here’s a couple that I’m adding to their list:

#26 your favorite season revolves around the best running weather

#27 you’d rather spend money on running clothes than everyday clothes

#28 you don’t mind staying in on a Friday night since your long run on Saturday morning is more important

#29 you spend more time planning for your upcoming road races than you do scheduling your social calendar

#30 you pay $50 for 1 pair of running socks (socks!?!)


You know you’re a runner when….   ? 

2 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Runner When…..

  1. So I wasn’t going to read this until tomorrow to space it out a bit but when I saw the title on FB I couldn’t resist! This may just be my FAVORITE post of yours! My top 5 favorites you posted are: #4-totally did this when booking my trip to FL with Matt “we can’t go then, I’m still training!” #15-I think the only reason I do laundry every week is bc im out of sports bras and running pants! #23-you totally tought me this one! #26-I can’t wait to do sunrise runs in the summer…if I can get my butt out of bed! and #27- WHY IS THIS?? Paying 30 bucks for a shirt your going to sweat in?? I don’t have an answer but am totally at fault for doing this!

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