Switching to Trader Joe’s and G Street.

In order to save some money I made the switch from occasionally splurging at Whole Foods to now “splurging” at Trader Joe’s….

I’m still not completely familiar with TJ’s and what’s best to buy in the frozen aisle but so far so good with the items I selected.  Tonight I ate a bunch of very crunchy, delicious sweet potato chips dipped in triple layer hummus.  And also grilled up a salmon burger for dinner and an extra one for my lunch tomorrow.

All three items were so good!  The salmon burger was on the smaller side but for 110 calories and 15 grams of protein it wasn’t too bad. 

The Trader Joe’s by my work is great with the food selection but unfortunately it doesn’t sell any 2 Buck Chuck!? Soooo I went with a big bottle of cheap wine instead.  And nope, I will not cut out wine completely in order to save more $$$. 🙂


Before dinner I hit the streets for my last hill workout before the half marathon on Sunday.  I jogged for 10 minutes and then did G STREET.  This hill makes me feel so out of shape!!!  I know that hill repeats will benefit me in the long run so I keep at ’em.  Not only are they an awesome and challenging workout that will make me a faster runner but more importantly, hill repeats do wonders on your thighs and butt!

(God, I’m gonna miss this crazy, steep hill when we move.  Must find another G Street….   )

**Wanna learn more about the benefits of hill workouts?  You should check out this article titled, Hill Training: Running to the Top.  It’s a good one!

_ _ _ _ _ _

Do you shop at Trader Joe’s??  What are your favorite items? 🙂

Hill workouts: like them or loathe them?

2 thoughts on “Switching to Trader Joe’s and G Street.

  1. LOVE Trader Joes – although, we don’t have one close to us! I don’t know how yours doesn’t have 2 buck chuck!!! that’s terrible! 😉 you at least still made a good selection! 🙂

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