What’s your number?

Good morning!

Four. Four is the amount of days I have to work out per week.  I planned on going last night after work but I somehow drove past the gym, stopped to pick up wine and ended up at home organizing my apartment and getting ready for our big move.  Sometimes life comes before the gym, right?  I also took a 10 minute break to throw together this easy peasy meal. 

I added some EVOO and cheese to the mix and it turned out delish! 🙂

So it’s no big deal that I skipped the gym; it just means that I have to workout today to hit my four workouts this week.  Friday afternoon’s aren’t the ideal time to workout but the gym bag is packed and ready for a hot date with the stairmaster at 5pm. 

_ _ _ _ _ _

How many days a week do you workout?

Any fun weekend plans?

5 thoughts on “What’s your number?

  1. My goal is usually 4-5 too including a yoga/stretching day! this week I am a little (okay, WAY) under par since last weekends long runnn and YOU said it…LIFE! P.s. can we talk about Rocky in the above picture? I think he is ready for the stairmaster too! 🙂

  2. I try to do 5, but it doesn’t always work out. I’m going to try to double up on some days (like today – I did a 6 mile run this morning, and there’s a 5:30pm Bodypump class with my name on it too).

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