Hallo from Genk! PS I suck at blogging lately……

Hallo guys!

Sorry I’ve slacking in the blog world…..    I’ve been busy, busy working in Belgium and haven’t been online too much.  Basically I suck as a blogger lately.  Buuuut I will make up for it this weekend when I’m back in Boston.  Not sure how but I’ll find a way. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a fun fact for you about Belgium:

Belgium is trilingual.
If you’re in the northern part, Flanders, you speak Dutch, so you say: ‘hallo.’
If you’re in the southern part, Wallonia, you speak French, so you say: `bonjour.`
If you’re in the small German speaking part (southeast) , you say: `gutentag.`
If you’re in Brussels which is officially bilingual you can speak Dutch or French (but most people only speak French).

Belgium has two languages, depending on the region. They speak French and Flemish, so you would say either Bonjour (French) or Dag (Flemish)

**And they all speak English!!  That’s 4 languages!  Crazy, right?**

_ _ _ _ _ _

How’s your week?

How’s the weather where you are?

It was a chilly 4 degrees celsius and wiiiindy day but at least the sun was out 🙂

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