Finally went for a run & made a 3 layer dip!

I haven’t worked out in a week and I apparently forgot how to dress for a run.  For some reason I thought it was a good idea to wear a tank top, a long sleeve, and a puffy vest in 58 degree/sunny weather!?  I was miserable out there.  I ended up taking off my vest and running the 3+ mile loop holding onto it.  Grrrrrr.

But on a positive note, I got outside and ran this afternoon!!  Not working out in 7 days wasn’t ideal but between packing, moving, cleaning, furniture shopping, having friends over, boozing it up, etc. the last thing I wanted to do was workout.  Hopefully today will jump-start me into my goal of 4 workouts a week. 🙂 

Oh, and I finished the lil’ run with a couple sets of tricep dips and push-ups against a bench.  I’m gym-less at the moment so gotta tone the arms whenever I can.

3 Layer Dip!

Last night I had a some friends over to check out the house and catch up.  We enjoyed the usual white wine, beer, cheese and cracker platter and a big spinach salad.  But the appetizer that stole the show was an awesome hummus dip (courtesy of Jacki).  This dip only took minutes to prepare and yet it tasted so friggen good.  You have to try it.


  • Hummus
  • Taboule Salad
  • Crumbled goat cheese


1) Spread each layer in a casserole dish and serve with your favorite chips or veggies.  Enjoy!


_ _ _ _ _ _

What was your workout today?? 😀

What’s your favorite dip? 

One thought on “Finally went for a run & made a 3 layer dip!

  1. Did you love running the lake again? So nice that its super close to you now! Yesterday I did an Arm Burner workout-SO sore today- and 25 mins HIIT on the elliptical! andd I craved that fabulour dip the whole time 🙂

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