Half of Quincy!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

I started this wonderful holiday off by running the “Half of Quincy” with my friend, Crystal.  Since we both hadn’t trained for the race it was sooooo tempting to skip it and head to the bar instead (yes, the bar at 8am is always an option ;)).  But we sucked it up and ran.

We started the race together and ran a comfortable 8:45ish pace for the first 5 miles.  My body felt great so I picked up my pace and pushed it for the next 8 miles.  I took an energy gu around mile 8, had some twizzlers and jelly beans around miles 10-11(courtesy of the lovely spectators) and had plenty of energy to finish the race strong with a time of 1:48 (8:20/ mile).  My goal was to run around 1:55 so I’m happy with my time.  It’s def not a PR but I’ll run another half this Fall and work on my PR.

After the race, we headed to a local dive bar for some corona lights and to celebrate a pretty decent race.

Do you know what made the race a lot better/easier?  Well, besides the perfect running weather?

I kept thinking about the article Beyond The Mantra and changed every negative thought that crossed my mind into a POSITIVE ONE (My legs aren’t heavy and tired.  They feel awesome!  I could run all day!! etc.) 

I’m telling you guys, it really worked.  You have to try it!

_ _ _ _ _ _

How was your weekend?

Did you run a race?  How’d you do?

What’s the weather like where you are?

-It’s 60’s and sunny in Boston 🙂

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