Monday Motivation!!


Don’t you love that last one? 🙂

_ _ _ _ _ _

Wow, the weekend flew right by!!!  Between working a Spring track meet all Saturday and hanging-out with my mom yesterday, I feel like I barely worked out.  And I don’t think I even ate a fruit or veggie all weekend?  Yikes, I suck.  So in order to get back into a healthy routine I figured I’ll write out my workouts for the week in hopes that I stick with them.

Workouts This Week:

  • Mon: Run 5 miles.  I’m actually excited for this run!  I’m going to run from my house towards Breakheart Reservation, run the 3 mile loop (which I’ve heard is a lot of hills) and then run home for a total of 5 miles. 🙂
  • Tue: Cross-train.  Elliptical then the weight room or maybe a group class at LA Fitness?  I’d like to find a good Body Pump style class at the gym.
  • Wed: Walk the lake (3.2 miles).  My 2-day juice cleanse starts Wednesday morning so I’ll either walk or take the day off.
  • Thu: Rest.  Still juicing…  
  • Fri: Run 20 minutes then this workout at home:
  • Sat: Run 4 miles
  • Sun: Run 8 miles with Mike

_ _ _ _ _

What’s your workout today? 

What’s your favorite group class at the gym?


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation!!

  1. woa, you have a gooooddd week of workouts planned!! I need to get on this-I REALLY find that when I write my workouts down I stick to it! Yesterday I planned to workout but went home and plopped on the couch, I blame it on not writing it down.

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