Juice cleanse results and a run through Breakheart.

Where do I start with this juice cleanse?  I guess I could get right to it; I didn’t finish the 2 day cleanse.  I made it through 1 1/2 days and then gave in to my food and coffee cravings.  But hey, at least I tried right?

So here’s a quick breakdown of the Skinny Limits cleanse:


  • The juice was delicious!  Even the green juice was so much better than my last cleanse (PS I completed the 2-day cleanse last time!  Just in case you forgot ;))
  • The cleanse was cheaper than most other ones.  It was $98 for 2 days plus around $30 for overnight shipping.  Other cleanses are about $50 more.
  • I had a great nights sleep without the help of melatonin!  Maybe it’s because I didn’t consume any coffee?  But I slept like a baby which never ever happens….
  • Even though I didn’t last the full 2 days I still felt way less bloated and I really do feel healthier!  Plus, after drinking just juice it makes you question what you want to put in your body.  Instead of eating crap I opted for healthy foods today.  I had tofu and steamed veggies for lunch and salmon and veggies for dinner.


  • I was HUNGRYYYY!  I don’t know how people say they aren’t hungry during a cleanse (I truly think they’re lying… ) but I was hungry and constantly thinking about food.  And a hungry Julie is never good.
  • They sent me the wrong juice!  I ordered the “juice cleanse variety pack” and was sent the “standard juice cleanse”.  I think I’ll call and ask about this…

In conclusion, I’m A-OK with the decision to not finish the cleanse.  Yeah it sucks I paid for 2 days and didn’t have the will power to stick with it but I still benefited in the fact that I a) feel better and b) want to continue making smarter food choices and incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet. 🙂

_ _ _ _ _

Since I didn’t stick with the cleanse, I had more than enough energy to go for a run this afternoon.  Mike and I ventured down the street to Breakheart Reservation and ran the 3 mile loop through the woods.

And it was awesome! I still can’t believe such a pretty, woodsy place is 1 mile from my house!?

I bet you’ll be seeing a lot more pic’s of this place on the blog.

Alrighty, time to log off and watch Greys…..  Have a good night, everyone!!

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