Monday’s motivation and fun ways to workout

Oh, so true! 

Working out doesn’t have to be work.  We all know that.  But for some reason we all have those days when it just feels like such a pain to actually workout.  So here’s some idea’s that will have you looking forward to your next workout!  No more skipping a workout and plopping on the couch with a glass wine and an episode of RHOC!  Even though that is tempting we all know it feels way better to workout than it does to skip it…….. 

FUN ways to workout:

  • Barre class (ballet, yoga, and pilates? Sign me up!:))
  • Basketball
  • Boot camp (especially now that it’s nice weather and you can do it outside)
  • Boxing (loveeeee boxing)
  • Run! But it make it more fun by switch up your usual route, add hills, do intervals, run on the beach, or run with a buddy
  • Cardio kickboxing
  • Dance
  • DVD’s (INSANITY workout, Jillian Michael’s, Bethenny Frankel’s, etc)
  • Frisbee! 
  • Golf
  • Hike
  • Jump rope
  • Pilates
  • Pinterest workouts!  This site has so many great, creative workouts
  • Play at the park with your kids
  • Power-walk with a friend, bf, spouse, coworker…
  • Racquetball
  • Rock climb
  • Roller blade
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Spin class or ride your bike outside
  • Swim
  • Tennis
  • Track workouts (OK, so this isn’t technically “fun” but it’s nice to switch it up and add sprints to your training schedule)
  • Trail running
  • Volleyball
  • Walk the dog
  • Wi-fitness
  • Yoga

What are some other fun ways to workout? 🙂


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