I have a pedometer….. and I love it!

So my company started a competition last Thursday that involves 7,000 coworkers (1,000 teams w/ 7 ppl per team) and we’re each given a pedometer and told to track our steps on a website for the next 3 months.  Whichever teams has the most steps wins.  Since I’m super competitive with myself I’m going to make sure I get a good amount of steps in a day, at least 10,000.  No excuses!

And so far this pedometer has been great!  Not only has it forced me to workout when I really didn’t want to (aka I was really hung-over one day and just wanted to die in bed) but it’s also had me get out and enjoy the weather every day.  The last week has involved walks along Mayflower beach:

a 7 mile run around Castle Island:

2 loops around Breakheart Reservation and also a power-walk around the lake in Wakefield:

Most the these activities wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t need to add extra steps to my day.  Do you realize I only walk about 2,500 steps in a typical day?!  In order to reach the recommended amount/my goal of 10,000 steps I have to really go out and try.  So each day has involved an extra walk/jog at the end of my day.

Btw, another great thing about power-walking is that it goes hand-in-hand with grabbing drinks. 🙂 

Tonight Mike and I power-walked the 3+ mile lake and then wondered over to the nearby restaurant, Bellino’s for a cocktail on the patio.  

Thanks to this walk and a run earlier this morning, I ended up with 15,526 steps today.  A good start but not enough to win the competition.  Gotta step it up!

_ _ _ _ _ _

Do you wear a pedometer?  Or have you ever worn one? 

Do you notice an increase in the amount you workout?

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