Practice Makes Perfect!

Oh, hello there!  I’m back……  again.

So let’s get real here; blogging is hard.  And it stresses me out.  I took the last couple of weeks off from blogging and wasn’t sure if I wanted to come back.  But then I missed it.  I missed sharing my healthy meals and snacks with you guys and a bunch of new, fun workouts I’ve been doing.  I also missed how when I’m not blogging I’m not working out as hard or often.  Blogging makes me much more accountable and aware of my training (or lack of tracking).  So I’m back.  This time around I’m not going to stress about blogging everyday or if my pictures aren’t great or even if my posts are lame or not.  I’m just gonna blog for the fun of it!  OK with you guys? 🙂

Enough blah, blah, blah.  Let’s get to it.

This morning I had a bright idea to pack my gym clothes so at the end of my work day I could change and stop at the lake in Wakefield for a run on my way home. This way I wouldn’t drive home, become lazy and skip my workout.

Great idea in theory but I ended up forgetting a key item; my sports bra.  So after work I drove home, quickly changed (this is key in order to make it out the door) and went for a 5 mile run around my neighborhood. 

This sign basically sums of my run in 1 word.  It was a painfully slow run but I’m still happy I went out and did it. One of my favorite quotes that I repeat over and over again when I’m having a crappy run is:

‘Practice Makes Perfect’ 

I think this quote is from middle school band?  But it really applies to running as well.  The more you run (even if it’s a mentally/physically/unbearably slow run) the better you’ll be!!!  

While out running I passed a tree that I’ve passed a handful of times and noticed it had a face on it. Ha! 🙂


Tonight’s dinner took only 11 minutes to prepare and yet it tasted fabulous.  I baked a Chipolte black bean burger in the toaster oven and then chopped it up and added it to a bowl with mixed veggies and half of an avocado.  Mike’s away tonight so it was dinner for 1.

This iPhone picture doesn’t do it justice but trust me this meal was delicious!

Time to force this cute lil’ guy to hang-out with me……   Have a good night!

 _ _ _ _ _

What was your workout today?    

Do you workout in the morning, during lunch, or after work?

-I really need to get back into my morning workout routine!! I’m so not an afternoon person…….


4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect!

  1. Yes, welcome back! Glad you got out there for a run-i’ve been good about working out but bad about the running part, today I did a circuit workout, leg burner and some cardio 🙂 well rounded but I miss hitting the pavement! As you know, I prefer lunch time workouttts…they dont hang over your head for after a long day of work and theyre over with and free to do whatever in the afternoon! 🙂

    • Yeah you’re sooo good about working out during lunch! I should try going more often with you! I totally agree that it’s better working out earlier so you can enjoy the afternoon. 🙂

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