5 Things Friday

Happy First Day of Summer!!!! 

Here are my 5 random things for today:

1) Happy Belated 1st Birthday to Avocado Run!!!  Wooohoooooo!  I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for over a year!?  I admit that at times I’ve had a love/hate relationship with blogging but overall I’m still so so happy I started one!   

2) Today’s workout included a 3 mile run/walk around the lake in Wakefield.  It was hot out and I was tired so I included a lot of walking intervals but it’s better than nothing.  When I arrived home I completed this quick circuit workout (I also did mountain climbers instead of the crunches since you get so much more out of a mountain climber than a crunch.  It works your core, arms, legs, and abs (I should probably look that up but I’m pretty sure it works all those muscles))

3) My lunch today was day #3 of the same yummy/easy meal.  It was an egg salad on a 90 calorie Fiber One wrap with lettuce, cheese and a side of carrots and popcorn.

The popcorn doesn’t taste that amazing at first but once you have a bunch it starts to taste more like movie theater popcorn but with out the buttery crap.  And for real, it’s addicting.  But it’s OK since a serving size is 4 CUPS and it’s still only 155 calories!

4) I wore white jean capri’s to work today.  This is big news, guys.  I have never owned white pants before, ever!  They felt so soft so I’ll probably be sporting these 3-4 times a week this summer. 🙂

Why do my feet look so tiny in this picture?

5) Lastly, I think everyone should run/walk/skip the “Take the Lake 5K” with Mike and I next Sunday, June 30th @ 8:30am (check out this website for more info).  It’ll be a fun, low-key race around the lake and after we can all enjoy mimosa’s and bloody Mary’s at my place. 🙂

_ _ _ _ _

Any fun weekend plans?

Any races coming up? 

-Just a couple 5K’s for me this summer 🙂

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