A Saturday in Rockport.

It’s 7am on Sunday and I’m wide awake which means I clearly fell asleep super early last night and missed the Bruins game.  Oh well, it happens.

Do you know what my favorite part of the day and time is?  It’s my lazy Sunday mornings when I can sit in the sun room with home-made coffee, the TV, and catch up on blogs.

Ahhhh so peaceful.  I’m sure I’ll sign up for another half marathon this Fall and my Sunday morning’s will be spent doing long rungs but for now I’m going to plop around and enjoy them. 


Mike’s mom was in town visiting so we also had my mom come up for the day.  We made a big ol’ brunch at our place and then went to walk it off at Breakheart Reservation.  Those 3 miles of hills are killer even when you’re just walking them!  After the power-walk, we drove 30 minute’s north to check out the gorgeous coastal town of Rockport.

We strolled the streets, checked out the shops, bought coffee’s and home-made chocolates, and soaked up the perfect weather – which was sunny, warm, and breezy. 🙂

This town is perfect and I really want to live there.  Just put me in front of the ocean and I’m a happy camper. 

At around 3 we were hungry so we stopped for lunch and enjoyed fried calamari, pan-seared scallops, lobster rolls, and really good craft beer (I think it was Ipswich Ale?) 

Such a fun Saturday!

And now it’s time to persuade Mike into trail running with me.  I know he’ll become hooked once I get him out there.  So fingers crossed he caves in and joins me……

Hope you all have an awesome/fun/relaxing Sunday!!!

4 thoughts on “A Saturday in Rockport.

  1. You guys are looking so fit! I’m eating half a bag of Kettle honey dijon potato chips and an ample amount of wine, admiring your lean muscle. We are so excited to see your place this summer. 6 weeks to not look like a big fat cow next to Julie! Will I find the motivation?

    • Oh that snack sounds yummy! I had ample amounts of wine and chocolate peanut butter cups last night 🙂

      And btw, I saw your pic’s on FB…. YOU’RE TINY!!! Can’t wait for you guys to visit! Are we still on for a 5K?!

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