Can we talk about how awesome planks are?

Seriously, aren’t they the best??  In 1 move you’re able to workout your abs, obliques, back, shoulders, and hips!  I still have no idea why people do endless sit-ups and crunches when they could be getting an all over toning/ amazing ab workout just by doing a plank.

Wanna do them but not sure how?  Let me show you:

Or you can do the basic plank on your forearms (this is how I usually do them):

(This plank occurred later in the evening… )

The plank is definitely easier said than done!  Even holding this position for 30 seconds is a challenge let alone 60 seconds.  But eventually they becomes easier.  Try working your way up from 30 second planks to 60 second planks to maybe even 90 second planks? 

Ready for some more challenging planks?  Here are some idea’s straight from the article “Pumped-Up Planks” on

Plank Tuck

Start in a plank with toes on a bench or box that’s about 2 feet high. Bring right knee to chest, then return to start. Bring right knee to right elbow (as shown), and return to start. Repeat on opposite side. Continue for 1 minute.  Works shoulders, lower back, abs, obliques

Side Slimmer

Start in side plank, left palm on floor, hips lifted and feet stacked, right arm reaching past ear to create a straight line from ankles to wrist. Bring right knee and right elbow toward each other (as shown). Return to start for 1 rep. Do reps. Switch sides; repeat.  Works abs, obliques, shoulders, butt, thighs

Pumped-Up Plank

Start in plank, hands under shoulders, feet in line with hips and pressing into wall (as shown). Hold for 1 minute. Make it easier: Lower legs, place toes on floor with feet pressed against wall.  Works shoulders, abs, obliques, lower back

_ _ _ _ _ _

How often do you guys do planks?

So I admit I don’t do ab work as much as I should.  But moving forward, my goal is to do a (3) 1 minute planks after my runs.   It’ll only take minutes so I have no excuse! 

Have you tried holding it for more than a minute?!

Yeah but I think I failed.  1 minute is hard!

2 thoughts on “Can we talk about how awesome planks are?

  1. I too am trying to commit to lots of planks, after baby #2 wreaked havoc on my belly. I always hung my head down, didn’t know I was supposed to look up. (Or that I was supposed to wear a yellow headband and look adorable. Or that I was supposed to have a glass of wine with my plank.) I am inspired to plank.

    • Hey Christie! I usually do planks with my head down too – I don’t think it really matters as long as you’re doing them 😀 We should totally have a plank off with everyone after our 5K! That Saturday can be 5K, plank off, and then lobster fest?

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